Battery Cabinets

Universal battery cabinets for all three-phase Legrand UPS from 10kVA up to 800kVA power range.
The Battery cabinet is designed to house standard VRLA Batteries of capacity range from 24Ah to 105Ah (C10).

The battery cabinets are available in 5 different mechanical dimensions, are able to contain various combination of Batteries, up to maximum 63 blocks, connected in series and parallel, with positive, negative and middle point poles and with max DC voltage of 800Vdc.

General features

  • Nominal Voltage 800 Vdc
  • Battery segregation with Internal panel in Polycarbonate
  • Switches and protection access from bottom and front side
  • Disconnection and proteciton devices with Fuse Holders Switch with NH fast fuses (sized accordingly with Battery Power)
  • Fuse holder Open/Close signal with Auxiliary MicroSwitch
  • Cable Entrance From the front-bottom
  • Cable connections On Fuseholder Terminals
  • Cabinet Access Front door with key lock and removable sides and rear panels
  • Shelter Bent Metal Sheet Thickness 20/10
  • Shelves Bent Metal Sheet Thickness 30/10
  • Protection Degrees IP20 (Optional IP21)
  • Colour RAL 7016
  • Packaging with Carton box, Cabinet base with Forklift Access

UPS Accessories

Battery cabinets for three-phase UPS